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Wedding | A Ceremony by the Sea | Peter & Sandi | Walking Down the Aisle - Right to the Reception | Belfast, Maine

And we are back for part two of Peter & Sandi's beautiful bay side wedding at the Wentworth Event Center.
I mean really - can you beat that view?
Right out on the lawn, the sun is shining - really.  I mean really!

 Peter heads down to the front.
 And once the glorious wedding party makes their entrance, the beautiful Sandi is escorted by her two wonderful children!
 It was such a nice ceremony, with some great personal details!
 Peter & Sandi's family spoke about the great couple.
 Each one of the twins had a part in the ceremony!
 I love when a couple reads their own vows.
 Annnnnnd finally they are united with a kiss! Could there be anything better?
 We got the opportunity to photograph this great couple with their extended family before we broke away for our one on one time.  And it was such a beautiful session we had!
 Just look at how she looks at him.
Really - it's a wonderful thing.
 Um Spokes models for the Wentworth?  I think so!
 Peter can always make Sandi laugh.
And laugh out loud.
A true love laugh.
 And we move inside for the reception!
 And kick it right off with the first dance!
 Everytime you look at this couple they are smiling at each other.
Cutting the cake was no exception!
 What's going to happen????
 They didn't smash - they really are a wonderful couple!
I really can't describe how great it is to photograph a couple that is clearly in love - they make each other smile and laugh all the time.  It was great to be around them.

We wish you the best of luck with everything Sandi & Peter.

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Wedding | A Ceremony by the Sea | Peter & Sandi | The Details, Getting Ready & A First Look | Belfast, Maine

Think back - long and hard.
To a first look blog that happened many moons ago!
Think back to the beginning of Hurricane Season actually - when good ol' boy Hurricane Earle threatened the Maine coastline.  Well he was all hot air!  He passed through the evening before this wonderful wedding and Brandi and I couldn't of been happier - why?  Cause we got an outside wedding ceremony!! We LOVE the outside ceremonies!!

And when the ceremony is held on the beautiful waterfront of the Wentworth Event Center, why wouldn't you love outside ceremonies.
Just look at that view!

 No Detail inside or out was overlooked.  Peter & Sandi spend many hours on the details of this wedding and it showed.  It showed a lot!!
 As usual, Brandi is left with the beautiful bride and gets some great detail shots of her beautiful dress...
 Loving the purple accent!
 OH LOOK! It matches the purple shoes!! HELLO!!!!!!!!
 Just like I said - every single detail was thought of!
 Inside the Wentworth there is a great nautical theme that carries through the entire event center.  Sandi & Peter took that to the next level in their decorating, and of course, that gave Brandi and I plenty of details to play with, and who wouldn't want to play with these details?

You know we love the rings.  There are more ring shots coming, we promise!
 What? Cake? Ryan never takes photos of cakes!
Yah right!  I love the cake shots!!
 These totally have to be some of my favorite ring shots ever.  I saw the Starfish and immediately knew they needed to be paired with some rings!

Now - this fantastic couple, gave Brandi and I a fantastic opportunity.
I may of even giggled when they suggested it because I was so excited.  If I didn't giggle on the outside, I defiantly was on it INSIDE!!
They wanted to do a first look.  A real first look.
I think the first look is finally catching on in Maine.  It was a long time coming, but I think it's finally here.  For anyone who does not know, the first look is when Brandi and I take you and your groom to be away from the ceremony site and you see each other before the ceremony.  It's not bad luck.  It's not bad karma, its AWESOME!
Well Peter & Sandi knew they wanted to spend extra time with their families at the reception, so they wanted to do the first look - and they wanted to do it at beautiful Moose Point State Park!
 Waiiiiiiiit for it.
Well surprise wasn't the right word.  The surprise would of been if Peter turned around and I was standing there.  But it was Sandi, and I love the look on their faces.  Pure love.
 There it is again, pure love.
 I'm love love loving this first look!
 Yah think this would make a good canvas print?  I do!
 Love this couple.  Beautiful couple, beautiful first look location, just love love love!!
So there you have it.
The first blog of Peter & Sandi's Belfast Wedding.
Keep coming back, cause as I mentioned before, I am going to keep cranking them out!!
How much did you love that first look?
Who is going to be our next Maine bride & groom to have a first look?
Come on!
I know you want to!!

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